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What's On Trend For 2019?

Now I’m a little late to the party on this… The new diary, a bunch of resolutions, a mini existential crisis every time you go to check the date and realise that yes, it really is 2019 have mostly passed but nonetheless – a new year brings with it a whole host of new wedding trends and I didn’t want to let too many months go by without saying my bit!

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How To Make Your Wedding Morning Stress Free

In the first of this series of guest blogs from wedding experts, Jo Edwards from The Perfect Marriage tells us all we need to know about planning the morning of your wedding from a hair and make up perspective to make sure you have an enjoyable and memorable time, rather than arriving at the ceremony a ball of stress!

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How to plan a wedding in a dry hire venue

Dry hire venues are amazing wedding venues as they give you the space to do essentially whatever you want, limited only by your imagination.  They are some of my favourites, full stop, and there’s lots of them in London too. They gave you a completely blank canvas on which you can paint your own wedding of dreams, with no ugly carpet to have to compromise on or recommended suppliers you have to use, meaning you can make it totally your own. The only downside to dry hire venues is that it can be a lot to deal with, and as the day inches closer you may feel it’s only you that can pull it together as you know you want it.

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