What's On Trend For 2019?

Affordable Wedding Planning London Consultant 2019 Trends

Now I’m a little late to the party on this… The new diary, a bunch of resolutions, a mini existential crisis every time you go to check the date and realise that yes, it really is 2019 have mostly passed but nonetheless – a new year brings with it a whole host of new wedding trends and I didn’t want to let too many months go by without saying my bit!

As a wedding planner it’s my job to help you craft a day that reflects the pair of you perfectly, and to a certain extent this does mean bucking trends; however, it’s also always great to know what’s predicted to be popular in case there’s anything you can draw on. All the fabulous images for this blog come courtesy of the wonderful Jessica Grace Photography. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us Jesse!

A lot of the 2019 wedding trends are focused on interaction and interesting ways to use your space, which is an excellent foundation for putting your own spin on things! So much, in fact, that it’s my first trend for the year.

Personality-injected décor

Couples are continually breaking more moulds in the wedding world, which is something I absolutely adore. This year will see people injecting personality into their décor, and the finishing touches, even more than ever before. No more worrying about whether it’s ‘wedding’y enough, instead holding it up against the only metric it needs: do we love it? Is it in our budget?

Pantone’s Colour of the Year Living Coral

It wouldn’t be the start of a new year in the wedding world without Pantone’s Colour of the Year! The Colour of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral, which is a warm orangey pink that’s described as a ‘sociable and spirited’ shade. Whilst this makes it excellently matched for weddings, sociable and spirited affairs that they are, the actual shade could be quite tricky to make a cool feature colour. My advice would be to use it within a colour palette of other warm, earthy tones, like terracotta and dusky pinks and browns, to retain ultimate cool factor.

Floral installations instead of traditional arrangements

Traditional vases and table-top posies will make way for explosive floral installations and flower arrangements that burst through walls, ceilings and floors. Instead of being used as a final finishing touch, these florals transform the room in the first place, utilising every inch of blank space. I’m talking wild meadow flowers sprouting in the middle of your ceremony room, a carpet of florals sweeping down the staircase, and cloud-like arrangements hanging from the ceiling. 

Contemporary styled focal points

Forget the balloon arches of yesteryear – focal points have had a revamp. This year it’s all about classy balloon installations and modern garlands to really bring the room together.

Interactive food elements like grazing tables

Dessert tables have been around for a few years and now they’ve got an über-cool savoury update. Ensure your guests are plied with piled plates and platters of delicious food, which they can pick themselves from a grazing table.  This acts as both interactive catering and a focal point for decoration.

Smart sustainability

In a time of ever-growing eco awareness, couples are wanting to seriously reduce the amount waste their wedding produces. For example, reusing the flowers for your ceremony and reception is one way to cut excess, whilst ensuring your day flows cohesively. Another way of doing this Is using décor you can use in your home afterwards, whether it’s origami cranes you can stick in a frame or an LED light you can hang above your bed. I’ll be chatting more about sustainability and weddings on the blog soon so keep your peepers peeled! 

Non-traditional textures

The rest of the design world is recently infatuated with interesting, non-traditional textures and the wedding world will follow suit very soon. Patterned brocades, ruffled fabrics and velvet are all beautiful choices to incorporate into your wedding styling to make it really stand out.

Industrial/warehouse venues

These babies are showing no sign of letting off – for which we’re very glad. Industrial warehouse wedding spaces are as popular as ever as they give you the freedom to do exactly what you want, with no compromises necessary – and if you have a wedding planner (oh hello) the day is taken care of too.

Dark and edgy colour palettes

Moody jewel tones and dark inky colours work so well at weddings – when done properly, they’re done amazingly. They work especially well for winter weddings!

Custom illustrations

From your invites to your table plan to your napkins to your temporary tattoo studio; custom illustrations are a super versatile and super cute way to keep your wedding personal. They also enable you to give away sneaks of the general style of the wedding without going the whole hog and letting all your secrets out!

If you’re getting married in 2019 and want any inspiration for your wedding day, drop me an email now and we can get chatting!