So You Want A Photo Booth At Your Wedding?

Today, we have the lovely Clare from photo and gif booth providers Prop sharing some brilliant wisdom on all things photo booth! Over to Prop for some things you might want to think about before you make that booking.

Organising some entertainment for your wedding guests is always a good idea and what better than a photo booth? But before you go ahead and shell out on the deposit, here are a few things to consider to make sure you book the right booth and your guests have an amazing time.

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1. Open or enclosed booth?

The first thing you need to consider is the amount of space you have and what sort of booth you want. Some photo booths are enclosed like the ones you take a passport photo in. These booths can be great but they take up a lot of floor space.

Another option is an open photo booth which generally take the form of a camera mounted on a tripod with a backdrop. The advantage of open booths is they take up much less space and can be set up more or less anywhere.They also have the advantage of letting all the other guests laugh whilst other people’s photos are being taken.

Prop Photo Booth Affordable Wedding Advice London

2. Should I get a photo booth? Or a GIF booth? What’s the difference?

A GIF booth takes photos and then stitches them together to make a moving image - with some hilarious results. GIF booths are great for social media and if you are looking for something a little different from a standard photo booth. Some GIF booths also come with photo print outs so you get all the fun of a GIF booth with the great photos you would get from a photo booth.

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4. When is the best time to start?

This completely depends on your guest list. If you are having lots of children at your wedding then why not start the booth early so they have some entertainment while the grown ups mingling. However if your wedding is predominantly adults then you would be better off starting it later when everyone is a little more relaxed and ready for a photo. Just remember that photos taken after 11pm never look good…

Prop Photo Gif Booth London Affordable Wedding Planning Advice

3 What is your budget?

Photo booth packages can vary widely in price. When you are requesting quotes have a think about what you need from a photo booth - would you like unlimited prints? A guest book? High quality props or backdrop?

The other thing to consider is the amount of time you need the booth for. Three hours is generally a good bet but it often works out more cost effective if you have the booth for longer so have a think about how many guests you have.

Prop Photo Gif Booth London Affordable Wedding Advice

5. Have you got a theme in mind?

Everyone loves a great prop so if you are having a 1920s style wedding why not ask if your photo booth provider could provide some trilbys, headbands or feather boas to get all your guests in the mood. Or perhaps your guests would love top hats and deer stalkers if you’re having a traditional English wedding. The photo booth backdrop is also a great opportunity to create some impact so make sure you take the time to find out what backdrop options are available. One of our most popular backdrops is a beautiful flower wall which looks great in photos and brings some stunning decoration to the room. It really makes an impact with your guests when the theme, props, decoration, photo booth all goes together!

Prop Photo Gif Booth London Affordable Wedding Advice

Thank you so much Clare and Prop for these wise words. Are you thinking of having of having a photo or gif booth? Do you have any burning questions? Do let us know.

All images courtesy of Prop.

Rachel Harrison